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The title says it all! We don't want to see TCW end, after all! Anything and everything id accepted; animations, fan fictions, traditional/digital art. We'll show Disney just how much we love Star Wars: The Clone Wars!
Founded 4 Years ago
Apr 15, 2013


19 Members
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Yousa Fashion by AngelAxexinf
Captain Rex- Colored by AngelAxexinf
Captain Rex- Flat by AngelAxexinf
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Skywalker's Padawan by CobraCatDragon2898
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Marik's Valentine by AngelAxexinf
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The Clone Wars Sketch Dump #1 by CobraCatDragon2898
Star Wars: Front Lines RP Site by JediAnakinSkyguy
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Poor Ahsoka by AngelAxexinf
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Ordo Skirata by ShallowPoolTheWolf Ordo Skirata :iconshallowpoolthewolf:ShallowPoolTheWolf 25 14 Commander Cody is dissapointed by TheLastWorshipper Commander Cody is dissapointed :iconthelastworshipper:TheLastWorshipper 82 34 Cage Concept by ShallowPoolTheWolf Cage Concept :iconshallowpoolthewolf:ShallowPoolTheWolf 14 0 'Skyguy' by kakashislover789 'Skyguy' :iconkakashislover789:kakashislover789 123 51
The Auction Block
It was enough to make you wish you were back on Geonosis.
Right now, Clone Captain Rex was willing to trade an arm for one of his pistols and his fatigues—wonderfully long, sleeved, high-collared fatigues. He was still wearing his tight-fitting exercise shorts, but the way that some of these females were eyeing him, he half-thought that he might as well’ve been wearing nothing at all. And he wasn’t even on the auction stage yet.
The sun beat down on the exposed area in front of the GAR barracks. The parade ground, where just yesterday sections of troopers clad in white armour had been marching up and down in unison, had become a colourful morass of civilians—mostly women, Rex noticed—who had come to the Grand Army’s Open Day. The transparisteel shower attraction had proved very popular, but right now, the biggest crowd was in front of the auction block.
To one side of the small raised dais, Rex eyed the crowd trying not to show his apprehension as he
:iconspikala:spikala 1 1
50 Ways To Annoy Anakin Skywalker
50 Ways To Annoy Anakin Skywalker
1. Follow him around. When he's not looking, laugh hysterically. When he looks at you, stop laughing and have a straight face. Refuse to tell him what you're laughing at. When he turns around again, continue laughing. Repeat.
2. When next to him, say out loud how good a couple Padme and Obi Wan make.
3. Constantly remind him of all his mistakes. (E.g: "Hey Annie, remember when you killed all those Tuskans Raiders?")
4. Tug on his hair. Run and hide. Repeat.
5. Think of a catchy, yet annoying theme song for him. Constantly sing it or hum it around him. Double points if you can get him to hum it as well. Triple points if you get the other Jedi to join you.
6. Scream "LOOK OUT ANNIE!!!" at the most weirdest times. (E.g: Right before he goes to the bathroom.)
7. Spray paint rude things about him on the walls of the Jedi Council. Run and see how long it is until he finds you.
8. Dress as people he knows and follow him around doing really bad impressi
:iconlovedove1128:lovedove1128 127 32
Sketchdump 5 by ZetsubouZed Sketchdump 5 :iconzetsubouzed:ZetsubouZed 80 57 Give us more time! by rayn44 Give us more time! :iconrayn44:rayn44 592 269
Orphans of War: Alone
Patrol. Jix hated it. But Rex had sent him and Sergeant Coric because there was no one else to spare.
"Check for stragglers. We need to be sure all civilians have left the area. Things are going to get nasty soon." Rex had told them.
The first three houses were clearly empty; they didn't even bother getting off their speeder bikes. The road they were traveling on was just a mere path with two ruts separated by a grassy hump in the center. Trees overhung it on both sides, some lower branches managing to slap out at the clone trooper pair as they road along.
"Uhg.. no one is out here.. let's just get back sarge." Jix grumbled, slapping away a branch as they flew by.
"I think the last house is just around this curve," Coric's voice crackled over the comm. "The road ends at this little--"
"Look out!" Jix shouted.
They came out of the blind curve and two kids, a boy and a girl, were standing in the knee deep grass in the road. They made no effort to get out of the way of the oncoming
:iconcoricle:Coricle 33 13
Clone Wars Comic by ZetsubouZed Clone Wars Comic :iconzetsubouzed:ZetsubouZed 347 161 Sketchdump #2 by ZetsubouZed Sketchdump #2 :iconzetsubouzed:ZetsubouZed 115 78 Clone Wars Doodles... by ZetsubouZed Clone Wars Doodles... :iconzetsubouzed:ZetsubouZed 109 59 Assistance in carrying by Tipsutora Assistance in carrying :icontipsutora:Tipsutora 155 86 An excuse to cry by rayn44 An excuse to cry :iconrayn44:rayn44 487 154 Come here Snips by rayn44 Come here Snips :iconrayn44:rayn44 729 110

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